After employee send a request to join company, admin will need to review their request and process them before they successfully join the company. 

If there are any pending requests to process, admin will see a message box in Employee Management page at By clicking the "Process Request" Button will lead them to view all the join company requests at
* Admin can also navigate to this page from the side navigation bar.

  1. By default, admin will be seeing requests labeled with "Pending". Admin can also view requests with different statuses by clicking the dropdown button next to "Request Status" to filter the data based on desired status (Approved or Rejected).

  2. Simply click on the "Approve" or "Reject" Button to process each row's request. To bulk process requests, after admin select desired requests to process, click on the "Approve" or "Reject" Button located on top of the data table to process them.

If you are using mobile app to perform the above action and needed help, you may refer to this article,

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