From existing paid company, if you wish to pay with another currency, for example, from USD to MYR, please follow the guideline below.

1) Go to My Billing on EasyWork website.

2) On My Billing page, clock "Modify Plan" to continue.

3) You will notice that there is only 1 currency available: Either USD or MYR. It depends on your last payment. Eg, your last payment is in USD then it will display option USD.

4) Click "Cancel Subscription" to cancel current subscription > Confirm again > Your subscription will be cancelled and changed to Free Plan with only 5 seats.

5) To make payment, click "Modify Plan" button on My Billing page.

6) Now, it shall show all the available currency. Pick your preferred currency & complete the remaining step > Make payment

7) You will be charged based on the currency picked.