If admin wants to seek help on setting up attendance geofencing, please refer to this article, 

This guide is for employee who are facing error when they are trying to clock in / out in EasyWork Applications.

If you are encountering error message of "You are attempting to clock in/out outside of working location. Please go to the nearest clock in/out location." in EasyWork Web Browser or Mobile App,
The reason behind this is most likely your admin had set up Attendance Geofencing for the company and you are assigned to one of the geofencing rule, Please reach out to your admin to ask about the geofencing rule you are assigned to.

And if you are using EasyWork Mobile App, we will show a pop up to suggest you to go to the closest clock in/out location!

* Please be advised that failing to clock in/out when attendance geofencing is enabled from your company will result in non-save your attendance data in your attendance record.

Still having trouble? Reach out to our support team through submitting a ticket to or WhatsApp! 
Our support team will tackle your question or concern during our working hours : Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm (MYT)