Full employee details and payroll details are required for running a payroll & the generation of monthly and yearly statutory files.

There are 2 options. Update it by bulk or individual.

Option 1: Bulk update employees' payroll information 

i) Menu HR > Employee > Click the "Bulk Upload" button.

ii) Select the template "User info + payroll detail" and download the template.

iii) Open the spreadsheet and fill up all the necessary info in the sheet "Personal Info". Fill up the info by following the instructions/format given on the sheet "Instructions".

iv) Upload the spreadsheet. 

**Please update the fields with the exact information accordingly if you encounter an error while uploading based on the error message returned.

Option 2: Update individually the employee's payroll information

i) Menu HR > Employee > Click the employee > Enter employee profile, switch to tab "Payroll" > Tab "Payroll Details"

ii) Update basic salary, preferred payment method, and statutory requirements. Please fill in all the compulsory fields(those marked with *). 

iii) Click Save to update the changes.