If the employee is entitled to a monthly parking allowance, for example, you may follow the steps below to set it as his monthly recurring payroll item. 

You only have to set it once. When you create a new payroll cycle, the monthly recurring item would be added to the cycle automatically. There are 2 ways to set it.

Method 1: Set up from Payroll Items Settings

Method 2: Set up from Employee Profile

Method 1: Set up from Payroll Items Settings

i) Go to menu Settings > Scroll down to Module Settings > Click Payroll > Switch to the tab "Payroll Items Settings".

ii) Search the item and click pencil icon to do update

iii) Remember to set it as "Monthly Recurring" and select the employee.

Method 2: Set up from Employee Profile

i) Employee Management > click on the employee to update > On Employee Profile, switch to tab "Payroll" > Payroll Details

ii) On Payroll Details part, click "Add Payroll Item" > Select item > Enter amount > Save