What is E Form?

E Form is a declaration report to inform IRBM(Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) or LHDN(Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) of the number of employees and the list of employees' income details. The information on the employee's income on the E Form must be consistent with the information on the EA Form for an employee.

When should the E Form be submitted by the employer?

It must be submitted by 31st March of each calendar year. Employers who have submitted information via e-Data Praisi need not complete and furnish form C.P.8D.

What is the information required to fill up the E Form?

  1. Employer’s (company’s) details
  2. Employees' details(eg full name, IC/passport number, and category of employee) & remuneration information(eg salaries, allowance, bonus, etc.)

Step by step to generate E Form

Below are the steps to generate, release and download the E Form.

1) Payroll > Payroll Forms > Employer

2) Select the year

3) Click "Download" to generate E Form