It is essential to ensure the EA Form field was assigned correctly when adding payroll items. This is to avoid over-declaring or under-declaring salaries and make sure the payroll items & their value are reflected exactly in the year end forms(E/EA Form).

To create/update custom payroll items, you can locate them under Settings > Payroll > Payroll Items Settings.

After filling in the name, category, and statutory, assign an appropriate EA Form Field to the item. You may assign it to "None" if it shalln't appear in E/EA Form. Our system would exclude it from reflecting on the forms.

For allowances, BIK, and perquisites under tax exemption(here is a list of perquisites and BIK under tax exemption), you have to fill in its PCB Exempt Limit > Assign EA Form Field under F field > Assign EA Form Field(Tax Exempt Amount)


EA Form Field(Tax Exempt Amount): If exceeding the PCB exemption limit, where should the amount be shown in EA form?

For instance, the admin adds the payroll item Child Care Allowance with the following setting.

Item NameChild Care Allowance
PCB Exempt (RM)2400
EA Form Field
F - Tax Exempt Allowances/Perquisites/Gifts/Benefits
EA Form Field(Tax Exempt Amount)
B.1 (c) - Gross tips, perquisites, awards/rewards or other allowances 

The employee received RM3000 in the year 2022. When generating EA Form, the amount of RM2400 would appear on EA Form Field F while the exceeding amount, RM600 would be reflected on EA Form Field B.1 (c).