**Please note that only the admin with the privilege (Manage Company Attendance & Leave) can switch ON and OFF this feature. Thus it helps the HR or management to build their own attendance culture. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Set up the setting of the selfie attendance

Home Screen > Tap on the Company at the bottom > Tap on “Other” at the Module Settings > Enable the setting "Enable selfie for clock in/out"

Step 2: Clock in/out by selfie

Home Screen > Tap on the Clock in/out button > Enter Attendance screen > Camera prompt > Take selfie and confirm your photo > Clock in/out successfully

The clock out data is shown on the Attendance Screen.

Step 3: HR checks the selfie image from the Attendance Clock Log

i) Go to EasyWork Hub > Settings > Reporting > Select date range and generate report > Download csv report "Attendance Clock Log"

ii) Open the CSV file downloaded > Search for the "Clock In Selfie" or "Clock Out Selfie" column > Copy and paste the link on the browser > Show the selfie taken