EIS is referring to Employment Insurance System.

Q1: Eligibility


The EIS covers:

    ✔️Malaysian citizens / permanent residents

    ✔️Aged 18-60

    ✔️Working in the private sector

    ✔️Employed based on a contract of service

The EIS does NOT cover:

    ❌Domestic workers

    ❌Government employees

    ❌The self-employed

    ❌Workers in local authorities and statutory bodies

    ❌Employees aged 57 and above who have never paid contributions before the age of 57 are exempt



Q2: What is the EIS Contribution Rate?

Contribution Rate


~0.2% contribution for each of their employees


~0.2% contribution of their salary



Q3: Capped amount of EIS

Starting from September 2022 onwards, the contribution rates are capped at an assumed monthly salary of RM 5,000.00

Monthly Wages



Total Contribution

When wages exceed RM5,000





Q4: Where can I find the EIS contribution table?

Please refer to https://www.perkeso.gov.my/en/rate-of-contribution.html, under the section “Rate of Contribution Employment Insurance System (Act 800)”.


Q5: Why is my EIS contribution not exactly 0.2% of my salary?


Contribution rates are set out in the Second Schedule and are subject to the rules in Section 18 of the Employment Insurance System Act 2017. Please DON’T simply calculate the EIS contribution based on exact 0.2% (0.2% * Monthly Salary). You should always follow the amounts stated on the EIS Contribution table.

This also applies to the employer contribution amount.