The approver assignment follows priority as below:

  1. Matching approver rules in same cost center
  2. Matching approver rules for ALL cost center
  3. Cost center owner


Cost Center A owner --> Indra

Rules - Cost Center A

  • > RM 2000 - Assign to Alan

Rules - All Cost Center

  • > RM 3000 - Assign to John

Example 1

  • PO with amount RM 5000, Cost Center A --> Approver is Alan

(Matching the approver rules in Cost Center A)

Example 2

  • PO with amount RM 3500, Cost Center B --> Approver is John

    (No single rule created for Cost Center B. It matching the approver rules for All cost center, so the approver is John.) 

Example 3

  • PO with amount RM 500, Cost Center A --> Approver is Indra

    (The amount is only RM 500. Doesn't match the rule in Cost Center A and for All cost center. Hence, it assigns to the cost center owner, Indra.)