1) Launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Settings" --> Click "Procurement". It launches on the Procurement Settings page.   

2) Switch to tab "Others". Click the "Add New Price Range" button to proceed.

3) Fill in the form details as below:

  • Currency: Currency that restricted to this price range
  • Range Operator: It supports 5 operators: "Between", "Less Than", "More than", "Less than or equal to", and "More than or equal to".
  • Min: Refer to minimum amount
  • Max: Only can fill in if you selecting operator "Between". Otherwise, by default the max value is 0 and disabled. 

Tip: To set price range with no limits, please choose "More than" and enter min amount "0".

4) Double confirm the details. Then, click "Submit" to create a new price range.

5) Price range  created successfully. You could find it on the price range  listing.