On the knowledge base, "Why Approval Rule is Important on Your Procurement Flow? ", we talk about the importantness of the approval rule. What if the PO wasn't matched with any approval rule pre-configured?

Let's say, you have pre-set up the approval rule as below:

Cost CenterPurchase Amount
Approval Flow
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
>10,000 and <=50,000HOD --> Procurement Group --> Senior Manager
Marketing Team>50,000HOD --> Procurement Group --> Senior Manager --> Director

The approval rules above only cover scenarios where the requested amount is 50,000 and below. How about the requested amount is exceeding 50,000, who should responsible for processing the PO?

The answer is, the cost center owner. When no designated approval rule set matches the PO, the system will be auto assigned the PO to the cost center owner.