1) Offer letter issued will be sent to the candidate’s email address. (Please advise the candidate to also look into Spam/Junk box if unable to find the offer letter from the inbox).

2) Candidate may find an Accept offer letter link and a Reject offer letter link within the email. 

Click the "Reject" link to reject the job offer.

3) Candidate will be redirected to the EasyWork webpage. The candidate is required to state his/her reason before confirming to reject the offer letter.

4) Candidates should click on the "Yes" button to submit reject request. A successful message should returned.


  • The application status would be updated to "Offered Rejected". 
  • HR/admin, hiring manager, and company representative will be notified with a push notification about job offer status update.

  • You can check the rejected reason on the candidate application page. Just mouse over the "!" icon.