There are 2 ways to prepare an offer letter by HR which are from the

  • EasyWork Hub
  • EasyWork App

We will discuss these 2 methods below.

Method 1: Withdraw Offer on EasyWork Hub

1) HR launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Hiring" --> Click "Hiring" and select sub-menu "Candidates". 

2) On the candidate page, search the candidate and click "Process" to proceed. It will lead you to the candidate details page. 

3) Switch to the "Summary" tabClick the action button "Withdraw Offer". And confirm again.

4) The application status would be updated to "Offer Withdrawn". After the status was updated, the candidate no longer allows to reject or accept the job offer.

HR can re-prepare and resend a new offer letter to the candidate if required. Please refer to KB Guideline to Resend New Offer Letter

Method 2: Withdraw Offer on EasyWork App

1) On menu item, tap Hiring feature.

2) You should be able to see your candidate on the "Offered" list.

3) Click "Withdraw Offer" and confirm again to withdraw it.

4) Offer was withdrawn successfully. The candidate appears under the "Withdrawn" list.