Normal candidate processing flow:

On the initial phase of candidate processing, from stage 1(Pending) to 6(Pending Offer), you can update the status based on your preference. No restriction on that. For example, after an interview, you may want to update the candidate from "Interview Scheduled" to "KIV" for future reference. 

Or you have communicated with the candidate offline and already have an interview with him. You are quite sure that he is the right candidate who fits the position. Then, you can directly change the status from "Pending" to "Interview Scheduled". We give you the flexibility to do so.

Explanation of each stage:

1) Pending

  • The flow begins when a candidate applies for a job from the career page or the hiring manager assigning a suitable opening to him. All the application on this stage is in "Pending" status.

2) Rejected

  • If the candidate is not suitable, the hiring manager can update it to the status "Rejected".

3) Shorlisted

  • If the candidate fits the position, he will be putting in the shortlisted basket. 

4) KIV (Keep in View)

  • A candidate is in consideration but didn’t quite fit the position he was applying for. 
  • A hiring manager may review the application in case all preferred candidates reject the actual job offer/the person you hired doesn't work out. Or they might indeed review old applications if a second, similar job is vacant and is aligned with the candidate's skill set.
  • To learn how to assign a new job application to a candidate, please refer to Assigning New Job Application to Candidate

5) Interview Scheduled

  • From the shortlisted list, the hiring manager may finalize the final list and move forward with the interview process. Like contact/invite shortlisted candidates for an interview.

6) Pending Offer

  • After the interview, the hiring manager finds out he was the right candidate. He may proceed to send a job offer request to the Director or company decision-maker to ask for approval to hire him.
  • After the Director approved the request,

                - A new hiring request would be sent to notify HR

                - The application would update to "Pending Offer". 

                - The hiring manager's responsibility is stopped here. HR would continue the rest of the process.

In the final phase, from stage 8(Offered) to 11(Onboarded), we only provide some fixed actions for you to manage the actual job offer. Please continue to look at the details below:


7) Offered

  • After HR being notified that she has a new hiring request pending for processing, she shall start to prepare an offer letter. 
  • After making sure all details are OK and send out the offer letter, the status would be updated to "Offered". 
  • The offer letter is issued to the candidate email recorded in candidate details.
  • When the status was updated to "Offered", HR only can withdraw the offer.
  • For more details, please refer to the Guideline to Prepare Offer Letter 

8) Offer Withdrawn

  • After sending out the offer letter, HR may withdraw the offer. 
  • When an offer was withdrawn, HR may re-prepare & resend a new offer letter to the candidate.
  • For more details, please refer to the Guideline to Withdraw Job Offer

9) Offer Rejected

  • The candidate may reject the job offer due to some reason like he already gets another job offer or the company culture is a bad fit.
  • After rejecting, a push notification would be sent to HR and other relevant parties.
  • When an offer was rejected, HR may re-prepare & resend a new offer letter to the candidate.
  • For more details, please refer to the Guideline to Reject Job Offer
  • To reoffer(send a new offer letter), please refer to the Guideline to Reoffer/Resend a New Offer Letter

10) Offer Accepted

  • If the candidate satisfied with the offer, he shall sign the document electronically.
  • After accepting, a push notification would be sent to HR and other relevant parties.
  • For more details, please refer to the How does a candidate sign the offer letter?

11) Onboarded

  • When a candidate joining the company officially, HR may update the status to "Onboarded". 
  • After the candidate signed up using the phone number /email address stated in candidate details, he will auto onboard to the company. 
  • Here, the entire candidate processing is ended.