The hiring settings: Package, Appendix, and Approver are used during preparing offer letter to the candidate.

1) Hiring Package

  • It refers to the benefits that the candidate entitled to enjoy. You can pre-create multiple packages based on the job experience level or department. When preparing the offer letter, just choose the designated package and may do a little adjustment on the benefit items before sending it out.  This may save you a lot of work.


2)  Appendix

  • Inside the offer letter, you may want to attach the employee guidebook or public holiday list for the candidate to refer to. So, we provide you this setting to facilitate your work. Choose the default appendix to attach to the offer letter. Thus, you don't have to select the appendix repeatedly.

3) Approver

  • It refers to the official designatory name attaches to the offer letter issued. Normally, the approver would be your company CEO or Director. Do remember to set the approver from hiring setting.