1) First of all, to launch to the Hiring Settings page, please navigate to the sidebar menu and search for "Settings" --> Click sub-menu "Hiring". 

2) Then, navigate to the "Appendix" tab.

3) Either to add, update or remove appendix, click on the "Manage Appendix" button. Then, click on the "Attach File" button to proceed.

Upload and Select File as Appendix

4) Click on the "Upload" button. Choose a file from your local device. The file is uploading, please wait patiently. If the file size is bigger, it might take a longer time to finish the uploading process. 

5) After completing, a successful message returned. Your file appears on the document sharing. 

If you want to set it as an offer letter's appendix, click on the file. A blue tick show when selecting it. Then click "Done" button to continue.


To update or remove the file uploaded, mouse over to top right corner of the file --> a "三" icon show, click on it.

i) To edit file name, select "Edit" option

ii) To delete file, select "Delete" option

6) It returns to the "Manage Appendix" modal box. It shows the file to be added. After that, click "Save" to do the update.

7) A successful message returned. Appendix has been added successfully. 


Q1: As I know, the appendix is linked to the document sharing module. So, is the file uploaded for hiring purposes visible to the employees?

Don't worry, employees without the manage hiring privileges are not able to view it. It is protected by the manage hiring access.