Adding remarks can help others to have more understanding of this candidate. You can put whatever that you think is helpful like the shortlisted reason, interview feedback, and evaluation. The total number of "Like" and "Unlike" can give you a quick insight into whether it is recommended by others or the opposite.

1) Firstly, enter the candidate details page. Switch to the tab "Remark".


2) To add a remark, please click on the "Add Remarks" button.

3) Fill in the details below:

  • Thumb Up/ Down: You can click the thumb up/down icon to like or unlike the candidate. You can also choose to remain neutral(don't click either the thumb up or thumb down icon)

  • Select Job: It is optional. It is a list of jobs assigned to the candidate. For example, candidate Alex has applied for 2 jobs: "Software Developer" & "Web Developer". You will see these 2 job options. You can dedicate the remark to a certain job application. Let's say you choose "Software Developer". When others viewing the remark they would know that the remark put was based on the job application "Software Developer".

  • Remark: Add comment/remark on this candidate. It can be your interview feedback or evaluation.

4) Click the "Submit" button to create a remark.

5) New remark was created. The total number of "Like" was updated to 1(as I putting "Thumb Up" on the remark).