View Job Details:

1) On the job openings listing, to view the job details click on the "View Job" link.

2) From the job details page, it shows the job description and company info.

"About the position" is taken from the job created on the EasyWork hub (Menu "Hiring" --> "Jobs").

"About the company" is retrieved from the company profile on the app (Tap company icon on app home screen --> "Details" --> "Company Profile" screen).

Apply for a Job:

3) To apply for a job, click the "Apply for this job" button.

4) Fill in the basic details required, attach resume and professional details. 

The "Job" is based on which job that the candidate clicks to apply. The candidate can enter the expected salary too. It is optional.

5) Double confirm the details and submit the form. A successful message would return. 

6) New candidate was created. Hiring manager/HR can go to the candidate listing to check it. Click the "Process" link or candidate name to see the details.

From the candidate details page, the "Added By" would be "Applied from career page". This is helpful if you want to differentiate whether the candidate was added by admin or through the application on career page.