Feature introduction on jobs page:

1) Create Job

  • Click here to create a new job. Only admin can create job and assign hiring manager, hiring manager is not allowed to do so.

2) Link to Jobs Opening or Career Page

  • The opening job would be displayed on the company designated career page. It is powered by EasyWork. You can copy the career page link and link this to your company website & encouraging the candidates to apply directly.
  • Click on the link or "View Page" button to access the career page.
  • Link "career.easywork.asia/qweasd01", the "qweasd01" is the company workspace url. You can get it from your company profile on the app. 

3) Job Application Status

  • Each job will have its application status. From the status, you will get a quick insight that there are how many applicants in pending or shortlisted. 
  • There are 7 statuses: 



            -Interview Scheduled

            -Pending Offer


            -Offer Accepted, Offer Withdrawn, Offer Rejected


4) Link to Single Job Details Page

  • To view or update the job details, please click on the job title. It will open the job details.

  • On the job details page, that is a list of application status. We have 2 additional statuses which are "Rejected" and "KIV". You can click on the status to filter the applicant. Then, click on the "All Candidates' to view the result.