1) Launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Hiring" --> Click "Hiring" and select sub-menu "Jobs".

2) Click the "Create Job" button to proceed. 

3) Fill in the form details as below:

  • Position: The job title
  • Headcount: Total number of the open position
  • Department: The candidate should report to which department. The department should be configured first before adding a job. Please refer here to learn how to manage a department.
  • Location: Refer to working location. The working location should be configured first before adding a job. Please refer to the knowledge base of how to manage a working location.
  • Type: Refer to the enrolment type. There are 4 options: Full Time, Part Time, Internship, Contract
  • Desired Start Date:  Date where a candidate is available to start work if he was to be hired.
  • Currency: The salary currency used
  • Salary Budget Monthly (Min): Minimum budget salary that could offer to a candidate.
  • Salary Budget Monthly (Max): Maximum budget salary that could offer to a candidate.
  • Experience: Refer to job experience level required. There are 4 options: Senior Level, Junior Level, Intermediate Level, Executive Level.
  • Hiring Manager: Th person who in-charged in this recruitment & hiring.
  • Job Status: Job availability to the public. There are 3 options: Draf, Open, Close. 

            - Draft: The job is in the draft version. It is not ready to publish to the company career page yet.

            - Open: It is ready & available for the application. Only jobs with "open" status are shown on the career page.

            - Close: Have stopped taking any further applications. It wouldn't show on the company career page.

  • Description: Job description to be posted on the career page. You can put the job requirements, job roles, skills, min education/qualification desired.

4) Double check the details. Then, click "Submit" to create a new job.

5) New job created successfully. You could find the new candidate on the candidate listing page.  

And, to check the job application on the company career page, you click on the link or "View Page". If the new job is in "Open" status, it will show on the career page too. To learn more about the career page, please go to

Overivew of career page

Viewing and Applying Job on Career Page