We understood that sometimes you may 

-assign the points to the wrong person accidentally,

-allocate an incorrect point

-you are new to the reward module and after testing you wish to reset all point transactions

So, we have introduced a feature to let the admin manage & revert the reward point transactions. Below is the guideline of how to reverting the point.

1) Admin Login and go to https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/rewards/pointTransList

(Menu "EasyReward" > "Point Transaction List")

2) Make sure the transaction that you wish to revert and click the "Revert" link.

3) A modal box prompted with the point transaction details like "Giver Name", "Point" and "Receiver Name". 

You may input some comment(It is optional). And proceed by clicking the "Revert" button.

4) The action link was changed to text "N/A".

5) All parties involved(Giver and receiver) can check the transaction from the EasyWork app respectively.