Attendance Behavior allows HR to view a real-time attendance report. For those employees who should go to work, you can keep track of their attendance behavior here. We used a few attendance metrics. They are:

Attendance MetricDefinition
NormalIs working day, no late, no leaving early, and full working hours
On Time
Is working day and coming to work early or right on time
LateIs working day and late
Leave EarlyIs working day and leaving before the company‚Äôs end time
Short Working Hour
Is working day and did not work the full working hours
Missing Clock Out
Is working day and forgot to clock out
Absent Without Reason
Is working day and no clock in

Remark for Late and Short Working Hour

1) Late


Company Working Hour: Mon - Fri 8.15am - 5.00pm

Late Buffer: 15 min

Should Clock In Time: Before 8.30 am

By considering the late buffer, an employee should clock in before 8.30 am. Those who clock in after 8.30 am, will consider as "Late".

2) Short Working Hour


Company Working Hour: Mon - Fri 8.15am - 5.00pm

Break Time: 1 hour

Min Total Working Hours Accumulated: 7h 45 min (Time to decimal- 7.75h) 

From 8.15 am to 5.00 pm, the total time is 8h 45min. After deducting with the break time, it became 7h 45min.

An employee may clock in and out several times on a working day. We use the total accumulated time to calculate whether an employee is worked in short working hours.

Hence, those employees whose accumulated total working hours on that working day are less than 7.75h, he would be labeled as "Short Working Hour".

You can click on each card to view employees who are under the selected category. 

For example, click on the "Late" category with a count of 4 employees. The report below will display based on the status "Late".

From the "Check Details", it shows a list of employees that belong to "Late" and the total occurence of late. For instance, employee "Cc Ya Ong" was late to work 2 times. You may choose one employee to view his attendance logs.

Let's move on to "Report" part to verify the data.

By taking into account the late buffer of 15 min, an employee must clock in before 8.30 am. But the employee "dev02 f" clocked in at 8.30.02am, hence he was labeled as "Late".

The same employee may belong to different attendance metrics. For example, the employee "dev02" has forgotten to clock out after the end of the working day. When verifying the metric "Missing Clock Out" you would notice that the same employee "dev02 f" was categorized to "Missing Clock Out" too.