Attendance Summary: The Multi-layer Pie Chart

-In short, in this pie chart, you shall expect to see the total number of times that should be working or not and who .

- Under the primary classification of the multi-layer pie chart, we have "Working Day" and "Non Working Day". We have further broken down it into sub-division to let the admin have a big picture among the absent metric how many are actually on leave or not working due to rest day/public holiday.

There are a few metrics that are being used:

(i) Working Day: Total number of times of ("Not On Leave" & "On Leave")

  • Not On Leave: Count supposed to be working today(Employee must go to work without any reason)
  • On Leave: Already applied & approved in Leave Pro

(ii) Non Working Day: Total number of times of ("Rest Day" & "Public Holiday")

  • Rest Day: may call it "Day Off". It refers to the days that are not in the work schedule
  • Public Holiday: Company declared holiday

To help you better understand the usage of this pie chart, we have provided 1 scenario.


-The date range is from 20 Oct 2020(Tue) to 21 Oct 2020(Wed) (2 days).

-We have total employees of 10.

-You may notice that we are using "Frequency" as the unit. It refers to the number of times. In this example, the total frequency should be 20 (Total Employees * Number of Dates ==> 10 * 2 = 20). 

  • eg. 1 of the employees applied for leave on these 2 days, so he has contributed a count of 2 to "On Leave".

-For the primary classification, within these 2 days, we have only 1 count was under the "Non Working Day" and the remaining 19 was under "Working Day".

Non Working Day
(Total number of times of "Rest Day"- 1 & "Public Holiday"- 0)
Working Day19
(Total number of times of "Not On Leave"- 16 & "On Leave"- 3)

-To drill down each of the classifications, we provided sub-classifications. For "Non Working Day", we have sub-division: "Rest Day" and "Public Holiday". In this example, we only have 1 "Rest Day". 

Non Working Day
(Rest Day: 1 + Public Holiday: 0)
Rest Day
Public Holiday

  • This is due to one of the employees, Michael, whose day off(rest day) is on 20 Oct 2020(Tue). And Michael should go to work on 21 Oct 2020(Wed). So he has also contributed 1 count to "Not On Leave".
EmployeeRest DayNot On Leave


-For "Working Day", we divided it into sub-division: "Not On Leave" and "On Leave". There are 16 occurrences where the employee should go to work on these 2 days. We have received 3 "On Leave" requests through Leave Pro.

Working Day19
(Not On Leave: 16 + On Leave: 3)
Not On Leave16
On Leave3
  • 3 on leave requests are from employee Wong and Alice. Wong has applied for leave on these 2 days, so he has contributed 2 counts to "On Leave".
EmployeeOn Leave

  • Alice has applied for leave on 21 Oct, she has contributed 1 count to "On Leave" and "Not On Leave" respectively.
EmployeeOn LeaveNot On Leave

  • While the rest of the employees(7 employees) have to go to work on these 2 days so each of them has contributed a count of 2 to "Not On Leave".
EmployeeNot On Leave
Other employees14

To understand more the attendance patterns of employees during the working day, you can go to "Attendance Behavior". From there, you can know well which employees are on time, late, leave early and etc.