You may found out that the order of Quest is in disorder. To enhance your experience, we have added a "Status" filter. There are 6 main statuses: 

i)   Ongoing: Quest that is still active, haven't marked with the status "Accomplished" or "Failed"

ii)  Accomplished: The target set is completely accomplished.

iii) Failed: The target set is completely failed.

iv) Pending: Quest that is ended and awaiting for the quest owner to justify whether the target set failed or accomplished.

v)  Partially: It is referring to "Partially Accomplished". It is used in a quest with participant type "Individual". Some of the participants may fail to hit the target and some may succeed. Hence, we marked the quest status as "Partially".

vi) Upcoming: Quest that about to happen.

Below is the guideline to use the filter in 5 sec:

1) Tap on the "Filter" icon at the top right corner.

2) Choose status. The app would continue the rest of the process.

3) After done, you would see there is a little red dot on the "Filter" icon. It indicates that you have applied the status filtering. And the quest result returned are based on the status selected. 

4) To reset, you may retap the "Filter" icon. Tap "Reset" and done.