Besides managing the rewards approval via the EasyWork app, we also offer similar features on the Hub. You can do approval from the website! Easy and convenient.


1) Access the rewards approval page from the link or

from the hub menu > navigate to "EasyReward", expand it > click "Rewards Approval"

2) To do approval, mouseover to the selected row, then click on the link "Process".


-A "View Claim" modal box pops up. It shows the reward claim details like the employee who makes the redemption, quantity, product name, and redemption date.

-To view the product details, click on the link "View Product". It would redirect to the product details page.

4) Enter a comment(if any), choose the action button to proceed. After done, the list would refresh.

The actions button show depends on the rewards redemption's status. For rewards in 

  • status Pending   --> "Approve" & "Reject" action button
  • status Approved --> "Complete" & "Reject" action button
  • status Completed --> "Refund" action button


-"Approve" button: Approve the claim.

-"Reject" button: When the redemption is pending for approval, or in "Approved" status, you still have the right to reject the redemption. The redeem points would be refunded to the employee.

-"Refund" button: If the product received is spoilt or in bad quality, the admin can do the refund for the employee.