The attendance report and shift attendance report are the same reports. For the Attendance Summary CSV report, we calculate the summary by prioritizing the shift over the personal/company attendance settings. 


To generate a shift attendance report, you should have the "Manage Attendance" privilege. The "Manage Shift" privilege is only allowed you to manage the company shift.


1) Access to EasyWork Hub,  --> Go to menu, choose "Reporting"

2) Select the date range and click "Generate Report" to proceed. 

3) From the History list, click and download the Attendance relevant reports: (i) Attendance Clock Log & (ii) Attendance Summary 


-No changes applied in Attendance Clock Log report.  We returned the employee's clock time, location, comment  and the total working hours accumulated.

-On the Attendance Summary report, we have added the shift name and schedule so that HR can know this employee worked in shift or not.

-For employee who works in multiple shifts, multiple attendance summary would display based on the shift assigned.