(1) Create  Shift

-Only admin can create a new shift.

-To create a shift, you can click on the button "Create". A Create Shift form would pop up.

-To learn more, please refer to 

Creating Non Repeating Shift on a Single Day

Creating Repeating Shift

(2) Shift Type Filter

-The option "Author" is applicable to the admin with manage shift privilege. Normal employees don't have this option.

**Definition of "Unpublished Shift": Shift saved as a draft and is not ready to publish to all

Shift TypeAdmin/HREmployee
All Shifts-Can view all the published & unpublished shifts
-Only can view all the published shifts
My Shifts-Can view all the published & unpublished shifts under the admin-Only can view the published shifts under the employee himself 
Author-Can view all the shifts created by the admin himself-No such option

(3)Shift Status Filter

-Admin can filter the shifts based on the status to ease the shift scheduling management. 

-A normal employee wouldn't need this as only "Published" shifts show on their shift calendar.

(4) Date Filter

-Tap "<" or ">" to back to previous or go to next month

-You can mouse over and click on the Month. It will show the Month dropdown list from Jan to Dec.

(5) Icon indicates "Unpublished" shift

-To ease the admin/HR to differentiate it among the shifts

(6) Work Shifts on Calendar

-All the shifts created by admin would be displayed on the calendar. 

-You can mouse over to the shift, to see the working hours.

-Click on the shift, a modal box would pop up & show the shift details. 

-If you are admin and want to view your shifts, please ensure you are toggle on the "Update Instance"(only apply to repeating shift) (For a more detailed explanation, please refer to Guide to Check My Shift). You can also update or delete the shift here.