Before we proceed, you may need to understand what is the definition of Shift and Shift Instances.


  • Shift - One or multiple days of shift that occurs at arbitrary dates. Can have different time and person on each day

  • Shift Instance - One of the day of the shift. You can have different shift time and person on duty on this day. Shift instance only used in repeating shifts.


"Team A Shift" was created. It is repeating shift, repeated weekly. 

The shift duration is from 25 Jun 2020 - 11 July 2020, repeated weekly, Thu to Sat. 

Let's say you want to delete shift on 25 Jun 2020. Below are the steps to guide you on how to delete a shift instance from the parent shift.


1) Access the shift management screen from the link Or from the hub menu, click on the "Shift".

2) From the shift calendar, navigate to the date: 25 Jun 2020, click on the shift instance that you want to delete.

3) Before deleting shift, please ensure that you are on the tab "Update Instance". Click "Delete Shift" to proceed. Otherwise, you will delete the parent shift.

4) A confirmation dialog box would pop up. Confirm to delete. The shift instance on 25 Jun 2020 has been removed from the shift calendar.