Before we proceed, you may need to understand what is the definition of Shift and Shift Instances.


  • Shift - One or multiple days of shift that occurs at arbitrary dates. Can have different time and person on each day

  • Shift Instance - One of the day of the shift. You can have different time and person on duty on this day. Shift instance only used in repeating shifts.

Let's start to learn how to update shift.


1) Access the shift management screen from the link Or from the hub menu, click on the "Shift".

2) From the shift calendar, click on the shift that you want to update.

3) An "Update Shift" modal box would pop up. Select "Update Series". You can update all fields except changing "Repeat" to "No Repeat" and "Repeat On" option.

4) Then click the "Update" button to save. 

Please make sure that before updating the shift, you are on the "Update Series" page. Otherwise, the update would apply to the "Shift Instance".

5) If the shift updated is conflicted with other shifts, a small alert icon would show beside it. 

To resolve it,

-You may mouse over the alert icon to view the conflict.

-Click on the conflict. It will open the conflicted shift.

-You may update the conflicted shift.

-After done, go back to the shift again and re-update the changes.