The privacy and security of our user data and privacy are always our top priority in EasyWork. 

In light of possible attacks on mobile apps in general from Android platform, we would like to advise our users to follow precaution while installing and using EasyWork apps, as with other apps, to secure and protect your privacy and data. 

  1. Do not use EasyWork apps in a jailbreak or rooted phone. The phone OS is designed to protect user from other malicious activity. Once you have rooted or jailbreak your device, criminals may steal your personal information, damage your device, or introduce other malware, spyware or viruses.

  2. Do not install any suspicious apps from Play Store or Apps store and shouldn’t use other 3rd party apps platform to install Android or iOS apps. Malicious apps might disguise as other utility or tools while trying to record anything you type in any other apps. This means any other password you typed in any other apps, not just EasyWork, would be compromised. 


  1. Keylogger - 
  2. Screen reader - 
  3. Task Hijacking -