Who can enjoy Leave Reporting?

-Only paid users who subscribed to Small Business Plan or Enterprise Plan can use it.

-In the future, we may consider letting free plan users have a trial on this Leave Report.

-To request a free trial, you may subscribe to Small Business Plan with 1-month free trial. You could always terminate the subscription before the end of the trial. 7 days before the trial ends we would send a reminder email to you. No charge, it is totally FREE. 

-.Please refer to How could I subscribe to the trial version to try those premium features?

Leave Summary Report

-The Leave Summary Report is only accessible by the admin with manage leave privilege or supervisor(an employee with subordinates in a company)

-This report is more to statistics and analysis. 

i) Leave Transactions based on the status

  • From here you can see how many leaves are on pending, approved, rejected and withdrawn
  • Understand the total leave taken by employees on that month

ii) Leave Comparison Chart

-It shows all the leave types applied by the employees and their total number within the month. 

iii) Employee Leve Chart

-It returns the leave type and total duration that has been applied by the employee.

-For more details, please refer to EasyWork Hub - Leave(Pro) - Leave Summary Report

Leave Calendar

-All the leave applied by the employees would show on the calendar. 

-All employees can access and view the leave calendar. They could check when their colleague or other department team members on leave so that they shall rearrange the work schedule if the work needs the cooperation or help from them.

-If an employee absent, the admin or supervisor may check their attendance here to confirm whether he is on leave or not.

-Please refer to this article for more details: EasyWork Hub - Leave(Pro) - Leave Calendar

Employee Solo Leave Calendar

-From here, you can get the employee profile details and his personal leave calendar.