How to access this Leave Calendar?

1) Login to easyWork hub with your current EasyWork account, 

2) From the menu, find "Leave Pro", expand it and choose "Leave Calendar"

Let's start exploring!!!

Leave Calendar

-Only pending/approved leaves would show on the calendar. 

-Only leave types that are available would appear on the Leave Calendar. 

-Let's say you have created a new leave called "Test Leave" to test the leave pro's functionalities and workflow. 

  • You have submitted 1 approved leave and 2 pending leave. 
  • After done the testing and you deleted the "Test Leave". 
  • Hence, all the leave transactions related to the leave type "Test Leave" would be excluded from the Leave Transactions Summary(the 4 circles with different status) and Leave Calendar.

-Different colors are used to indicates different leave types. When you mouseover to the small circle with a number, a tooltip with the respective leave type would show.

-You may filter the leave calendar with the date filter and the advanced filter. 

-To view the leave applied and its details on the selected date, you may click on the date. The total number of each leave type and leave applied details like date, duration, and approver would show below the Calendar.


Date Filter & Advanced Filter

a) Date Filter

-By default, we would search the current month data.

-You may use the quick date option to get only "Last 7 Days" or "Last 30 Days" data.

-Or you may select the date range manually and apply it.

b) Advanced Filter

We also have the advanced filter to perform more complex filtering based on the user-defined criteria.

-Group Types(Group/Branch/Department/Location/Country) &

-Leave Types (all available leave types)

-We are using "AND" relations to filter the data between 2 different criteria types(Group Type and Leave Type)

Good To Know

In case you don't know how to create and assign employees into the Group/Branch/Department/Location/Country, here is the quick review:

1) Tap on the company logo at the home screen

2) Tap on the Group and create a new group

3) Tap on the new group created --> "View Employees" --> "Add Employee"

4) Select the employee(s) and remember to save the update.