-Now, the admin can manage(view, create, update & delete) the reward products on the EasyWork Hub: https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/rewards . 

**EasyReward module only opened to the admin with the privilege "Manage Reward".

1) From the menu, expand the "EasyReward" and click on the "Manage Reward" to proceed.

2) View All EasyRewards added in company

(a) is the redeem points required.

(b) is the available quantity left. "99+" represented the available quantity is "unlimited".

(c) is the max redemption per employee. If admin doesn't set it, it wouldn't appear.

(d) is only show when the product is not available & visible to employees.

(e) you can click on the product name to view and manage the product details.

2) View the product details

-It shows the reward product details, including details like the product description, category, and terms & conditions that are not displayed at the EasyReward product page.

-You can edit and delete the reward product here.