Quest is a premium feature introduced by EasyWork to further enhance your team target & productivity! You can reward your colleagues with not merely monthly Reward Points but also with customizable rewards. Keep your employees motivated and performed better to achieve the target.

How to get this premium feature?

-Subscribe to a paid plan, either a Small Business Plan, Pro Plan, or Enterprise Plan.

-If you wish to have a trial, please subscribe to the Pro Plan. You would get a 1-month free trial. And you can always cancel the subscription during the trial period. NO CHARGE applied.

-To subscribe, please refer to EasyWork - Subscription - How to purchase a plan

Overview of the Quest Whole Flow: From Create Quest to Reward your Employee(s)

Flow 1: Create Quest

Flow 2: Update Quest Progress by the Participants or Quest Owner

By Participant:

-Participant can only update his quest progress

-For the progress submitted by the participant, it needs approval from the quest owner.

-After the owner approved it, the real progress number would reflect accordingly.

By Quest Owner:

-Quest owner can update ALL participants' progress.

-No approval needed.

-After updating the participant's progress, the real progress number would reflect accordingly.

Flow 3: Quest Owner finalize the Mission to Accomplished/Failed & Reward the Employee

Mark Mission to Accomplished & Reward the Employee

Mark Mission to Failed