This setting is to restrict the employee to simply update their personal details like name, DOB, reporting hierarchy and personal working hours. It shall avoid the employee for cheating the attendance, update their name by adding space or - just to list in front of the employee list or change enrolment date to get more leave balance.


i) Only admin with the privilege to Manage Employee is allowed to update employee details.

ii) By default, this setting was turned on and allow the employee to update details.

iii) After turning off the setting "Allow employee to alter detail", 

Personal Details that Employee can updateEmployee Details that Admin can update
Profile avatarAdmin can change employee's
-enrollment date,
from the EasyWork Hub. To get more details, may refer to EasyWork Hub - Employee Management - Update employee details
Phone NumberJob title (may change from both the app and hub)
Superior and Subordinate(s) (may change from both the app and hub)

Employee's personal working hours (change from the app)


1) Enter the company screen by tapping on the company avatar

2) Scroll down to Settings

3) Tap on "Other"

4) Tap to turn off on the "Allow employee to alter detail". And your employee can't update their details as they like. To turn on the setting, you may tap on it again, and your employees would allow updating personal details.

5) If you are an employee, from the Profile Screen, you may see a text that notify user that admin has restrict him to update profile details.