The Leave Balance Adjustment feature is definitely a helpful feature for the following scenario:

  • Replacement leave - admin can issue replacement leave for work during non working day

  • Sign on bonus leave or any other bonus leave as a company wish

  • For admin testing purpose

  • Migration to increment leave from the old system, etc

  • Readjust the incorrect leave duration that gave to the employees


You may manage the leave balance from EasyWork Hub as well: Manage Leave Balance on Hub



1) From the Home screen, tap on the "Leave(Pro)"

2) Then click on the settting icon at the top right corner of the screen

3) Tap on the "Leave Balance Adjustment" option

4) From the Adjust Balance screen, you may set the employee, leave type and day to adjust as you wish.

5) After that, you may back to the "Leave(Pro)" main screen 

-->Tap on the "Balance & Transaction" to view your latest leave balance. The Medical Leave balance has increased from 10.5 days to 13.5 days. 

--> To view a more details transaction, tap on the leave, that is a transaction stated that admin has updated the balance. 

--> To check other employee's transaction, tap on the name, it would display a list of company employees. Choose the person you want to check.

Hooray! You have learned how to adjust employee leave balance.