Organization Chart in TreeView at Hub

There is now an organization chart for EasyWork Hub. To get to the organization chart for EasyWork Hub, follow these steps.


  1. Login into your account. 

  2. Once you are on the home page, click “Organization Chart” from the sidebar menu.

  1. Click on the Organization Chart on the side menu and wait for the organization chart to load. 

On the organization chart in EasyWork Hub, there are several actions that the user can perform. They are:

1) Zoom in and zoom out of the organization chart

2) Expand and collapse subordinates of an employee

  • On the top right corner of an employee, there should be a green button with a - icon. Click on it and the subordinates of that employee will collapse into a single parent employee node.

3) View employee details in organization chart

  • An employee’s details such as the employee’s avatar, name and job title can be viewed by hovering over the employee in the organization chart.