Setting 1: Manage Product Availability or Visibility

Due to some reason, for example, the item out of stock, HR may want to take down the item from the product list. A setting to toggle on/off the "Product Visibility" has been added in the "Update Product" screen. The same setting can be found in the "Add Product" screen too. In case, you want to preset the product and enable the availability at a certain date.

From the "Manage Reward" screen, the "Eye" icon beside the item image indicated that the item has been taken down by HR. Employee no longer would see this item from the product list and make a redemption.

Setting 2: Set the Max Allowable Redemption Per Employee(Per Calendar Year)

For certain items, the company may want to set a max allowable claim per person annually. For example, health care, dental and eye care, those product items can be claimed only once annually. The HR has to go through the previous claim and check one by one if the person has claimed before. It is very tedious.

To settle this issue, we have added a setting called "Max Allowable Redemption Per Employee". If the employee has claimed before or he never claimed before and try to submit more than the max number allowed, they wouldn't be allowed to do so.

Setting 3: Set Unlimited Number of Available Quantity

Some items are set for an unlimited redeem, sometimes you may unsure how much to put at the available quantity field. We enhanced the existing "Available Quantity" by added the "Unlimited" option to let the admin choose. By default, it was toggled OFF. 

Of course, you still can set a specific amount of available quantity. It is a flexible setting.