Want to express your appreciation and gratefulness to your colleagues who give points to you? Or you wish to response a "Like" on the others' reward transaction? EasyReward has provided another wonderful feature that allows social interaction among employees. Don't hesitate to leave your comment or "Like" the transaction. Let others know that you care for them.

Let's explore more!

1) Tap on the "Reward" at Home screen --> Tap on either "Option 1" or "Option 2" to view the point transfer transaction.


(i) For Option 1: You may to go to "Point to Spend" tab and find the transaction that you want to have some social interaction.

(ii) For Option 2: Can proceed to find the EasyReward transaction that you want to give a comment or "Like" and tap to enter the “Reward Details" screen.

3) At here, you can see 3 icons used for social interaction: "Like", "Comment" and "Give Point to the Same Reward".

(i) Like
-Tap on the icon to "Like" the reward, to agree on it

(ii) Comment

-Everyone inside the company may leave their comment here. No restriction.

-The owner may edit or delete the comment too.

-You may also respond to love on the comment.

(ii) Give Point to the Same Reward

-If you want to add extra reward on the same receiver same remark, this function is definite what you wish for. 

-Tap on it, it will redirects to "Give Points" screen, with same receiver, points and remark. Then you may click the "Submit" button to proceed.