Are you always forget to clock in/out? Or can't clock in due to phone spoilt or battery dead? No worry! Now EasyWork has a cool feature that allows you to make an attendance adjustment request. You may file a request form to the supervisor/manager. Once your supervisor/manager approved the request, we would add it to your attendance record.

Note: To use this feature, the company should update its company address.

Below are the steps:

1) There are 2 options to access the Attendance Adjustment form:

Option 1:

At Home screen, tap on the "APPROVAL" --> Find "Attendance Adjustment" and tap on it.

Option 2:

At the Attendance screen, tap on the nested menu on the top right corner --> Choose option "File Attendance Adjustment"

2) Fill in all the details required and submit the form.

3) Once submitted the request form, your approver would receive a push notification. Tap on the notification, the app would lead the approver to the relevant pending request form to do approval.

4) After approver approved the request, the attendance would append into the employee's attendance record.

How to know whether the attendance has been added into attendance records?

The form owner may go to "Attendance Record" screen and filter the date. Tap on the candletick bar on the selected date, it will showcase your attendance records. The clock record with remark "Adjustment adjustment - <Reason>" was the adjustment record.

5) When admin generated the attendance CSV report, the record would also be added to the CSV report. By default, the clock method is "Form" and the clock location is the company address.