You want to cancel the subscription plan, and revert back to Free Plan for your EasyWork company, but wasn't allowed because you have more than 10 employees in there, how?

Unfortunately, in this situation, you have to remove your employees so that the count is below 10 again.

We suggest that you remain with your current plan for this, but if you absolutely need to downgrade, you can follow these steps to remove an employee from the company.

Home > Navigation Pane

  • From Home Screen
  • Launch the side menu by tapping to "Menu Icon" on the top left corner 
  • Select Company

Navigation Pane > Company

  • Once in Company settings
  • Select Employees

Employees > Choose the employee

  • From this menu, choose the employee that you wish to remove from the company

Profile > Remove

  • Swipe down the screen and you should see a button"Remove from Company"

    Click on it and confirm.