EasyWork now allows users to join their company from EasyWork Hub. If you happen to sign up using our hub, this is the place to be to join your company within EasyWork. 

Here’s how to get to EasyWork Hub Join Company screen: 

EasyWork Hub > Join Company

Once you’re at the join company screen, you will be asked to perform a few steps to get in touch with your company. Here’s what to expect: 

Step 1: Update your profile

Step 2: Enter your company’s workspace URL (e.g., workspace.easywork.asia)

Step 3: Click on “Request Join Company”

Step 4: A request will be sent to the company admin for approval

Step 5: Once approved you will join the company

*Noted: If the approval to join the company is taking a while, you can seek your company admin to get a faster approval result.