EasyWork Hub’s Reporting allows admins to generate the essential reports which are used to recognize employees attendance, claims and more.

Here’s how you can get to EasyWork website Reporting:

Go to EasyWork Hub website: https://hub.easywork.asia/

Login using your current EasyWork account.

And from the menu, choose "Reporting"

EasyWork website > Reporting

Once you’re at the reporting page, you will be given a set of pre-set date filter or customizable date range filters and button to generate reports. Here’s how you can generate your company’s report:

Step 1: Select your date range

Step 2: Click on “Generate Report” 

Step 3: Under “History”. Click on the link to download your report.

*Note 1: If a particular feature is unused, there will be no report generated. Files downloaded will be in CSV format. 

*Note 2: The reporting feature is controlled based on the module privilege. Let's say you have the privilege "Manage Attendance" then you only can generate and download report related to Attendance. However, if you have "Manage Company" access or "Full Access Control", of course, you can generate ALL the reports.