Is the subscription plan is not to your satisfaction? Let us know why, but first, here's how to cancel the plan:

By cancelling, your company won't be removed. Instead, the subscription plan will be reverted to the "Free" plan at the end of the current bill cycle.

Step 1

EasyWork Hub > Billing

In the Hub Side Navigation Pane, go to the Billing.

Step 2

Billing > Cancel Subscriptions

You may find this option near the centre, between your plan information and billing history. Click on it.

Step 3

Think twice here, but if you are sure, click "Yes" button.

Step 4

Let us know how you heard about us! It is fine if you want to skip. Just click "Cancel".

Step 5

And that's it! You have cancelled the subscription plan.

Again, do takes note the reversion to Free plan doesn't happen until the end of the current bill cycle. Click on this linkĀ to read the guide related to this topic!

Feel free to come back anytime, we are waiting and we will be better!