I just approved an join request! But wait... I don't see the new employee on the employee list?

By right, when an admin approved the joining request of a user, they will appear inside the employee list of the company. But under one condition, they won't - the user doesn't have an EasyWork account.

This is most likely because an admin has shared their company invitation link, and that link is visited by someone without an EasyWork account.

When this happens, an admin can anticipate whether they are signed up users or not.

Take a look at the above sample. The first request is an existing EasyWork user, and the other not. How to tell them apart:

  • The profile picture and username. Only signed up users can set a name and profile picture.
    • However, that won't always be the case. There are users that like to stay profile-less.
  • You can see the Teddy Sergey has a grey tick icon under his request (besides the censored email address). That means under this email, there is a verified EasyWork account.
  • The second request is simply from a mobile contact number, which doesn't have a grey tick icon beside it. This means, under this mobile contact number, there isn't any EasyWork account. 
    • When you have approved the second request, they won't appear in the employee list.

If you encountered this problem, ask the employee to sign up for an EasyWork account, and install the EasyWork app! Then, they will automatically appear on the list.