Tap on Bottom Navigation Icon

 Home Screen > Bottom Navigation Menu

  • Taps on "Company" option


At Company Page

  • On the top of the screen, you should see an “Invite to the company via the link”. 
  • Tap on "Invite to company via link" option.


Choose the method

  • Here you can choose the method on how you want to share the link.


On the employee's side

The invited user should receive a message/mails/etc. containing the link to join.



If they have the app installed prior to clicking the link, they will be directed to this screen.

Otherwise, they will be directed to places that they can download the EasyWork app.

Taps on “Continue” at the bottom.



Now the admins of the company will be notified about the request of joining.

The invited user needs to wait for the admin’s approval to actually join the company.



Back to the admin, you can approve the request by going into the Employees page and click on the Green Tick icon to approves the request.

Now you have a new employee!