Here’s how to navigate to the Attendance in-app report: :

Home > Attendance > Icon > Icon > Icon (If admin)

Under the “Attendance Report” screen, you will be shown 2 sessions: Attendance Summary & Attendance Behavior.

1) Attendance Summary


  • In short, in this pie chart, you shall expect to see the total number of times that should be working or not and who.
  • Here are a few metrics that are being used:

    (i) Working Day: Total number of times of (Not On Leave + On Leave)

    • Not On Leave: Count supposed to be working today
    • On Leave: Already applied & approved in Leave Pro

  • (ii) Non Working Day: Total number of times of (Rest Day + Public Holiday)

    • Rest Day: may call it "Day Off" too. It refers to the days that are not in the work schedule.
    • Public Holiday: Company declared public holiday.

2) Attendance Behavior

  • Attendance Behavior allows HR to view a real-time attendance report. For those employees who should go to work, you can keep track of their attendance behavior here.
  • We used a few attendance metrics. They are:
Attendance Metric
Is working day, no late, no leaving early, and full working hours
On Time
Is working day and coming to work early or right on time
Is working day and late
Leave EarlyIs working day and leaving before the company’s end time
Short Working Hour
Is working day and did not work the full working hours
Missing Clock Out
Is working day and forgot to clock out
Absent Without Reason
Is working day and no clock in

Tips: You can tap on each card to view employees who are under the selected category.