EasyWork allows admins to view a real-time Attendance Report. This report will show the company’s current attendance performance by displaying different types of useful metrics. 

Here’s how to navigate to the Attendance in-app report: :

Home > Attendance > Icon > Icon > Icon (If admin)

Under the “Attendance Report” screen, you will be shown a few attendance metrics. By default, this screen will show the current day result. They are: 

  • Normal  - Coming to work early or right on time and have worked the full working hours

  • Absent - Have not clocked in or out for the day

  • Late or Leave Early  - Late arrival and leaving before the company’s end time

  • Non-Working Day - Employees with days off or public holidays

  • Short Working Hours  - Employees who did not work the full working hours

  • Incomplete - Employees have only clocked in/out record for the day

Tips: You can tap on each card to view employees who are under the selected category.