EasyWork not only allow users to view their timing using the  Attendance Records report. We also enable users to see from a map their clock in and out locations.

Here’s how to navigate to the Attendance in-app report: :

Home > Attendance > Icon >  Icon

Under the “Attendance Map” screen, you will be able to see a few elements that will indicate your location upon clocking in and out. They  are:

  • Green Dot    - Represents the moment you clock in

  • Orange Dot    - Represents the moment  you clock out

  • Date Filter    - To filter your desired dates

The map will show your exact location when performing clocking in/out, while address on the ‘Time Log” will show your company’s registered address if you are within 200 meters of your office. 

*If you’re admin or manager with the right access you will be able to trigger a drop-down list which you can select other employees to view their attendance record.