EasyWork not only allow users to view their timing using the  Attendance Records report. We also enable users to see from a map their clock in and out locations. Admins or employees with the right access will be able to view each employees’ report individually. 

Here’s how to navigate to the Attendance in-app report: :

Home > Attendance > Icon >  Icon

Under the “Attendance Map” screen, you will be able to see a few elements that will indicate your location upon clocking in and out. They  are:

  • Green Dot    - Represents the moment you clock in

  • Orange Dot    - Represents the moment  you clock out

  • Date Filter    - To filter your desired dates

Your location will only be captured once upon clocking in and out. Another essential point to take note is the map will show your exact location when performing clocking in/out, while address on the ‘Time Log” will show your company’s registered address if you are within 200 meters of your office. 

*If you’re admin or manager with the right access you will be able to trigger a drop-down list which you can select other employees to view their attendance record.