EasyWork allows users to view their own personal attendance reports as a reference to their attendance performance. While admins or employees with the right access will be able to view each employees’ report individually. 

Here’s how to navigate to the Attendance in-app report: :

Home > Attendance > Icon 

Under the “Attendance Record” screen, you will be able to see metrics that are used to measure your attendance performance. They are: 

  • Present / Absent - Showcasing your present and absent rate
  • On-Time / Late or Leave Early - Comparing your attendance punctuality 
  • Full / Short Working  Hour - Measuring working hours consistency 
  • Complete / Incomplete Working Day - Measuring working  days consistency
  • Timing Bar Graph - Showcasing the clock in and out times 
  • Visual Time Log - Time log to showcasing the current day timings

*If you’re admin or manager with the right access you will be able to trigger a drop-down list which you can select other employees to view their attendance record.